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See what your fellow authors and editors say about publishing with SAGE!

"With the conglomeration and corporatization of college publishing, SAGE has emerged as an increasingly important independent outlet for those interested in publishing and reading serious academic work. While most of its competitors focus on the elusive blockbuster textbook, SAGE not only has its share of those, but has taken the lead in publishing niche texts, monographs, encyclopedias, handbooks and journals in innumerable fields and areas. Furthermore, its powerful international presence gives its publications far more visibility than those of the competition. For the kinds of books that I have been writing in recent years, and for the kinds of national and international audiences that I want to reach, there is no better publisher than SAGE."

George Ritzer
Professor of Sociology, University of Maryland, College Park

"I could not have produced my book without the support and encouragement of my friends at SAGE Publications. SAGE is and has been a first-rate publishing house."

John W. Creswell,
Professor of Educational Psychology,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

"When you work as an author with any publisher, ultimately you work with people. The people at SAGE always have treated me well and have made me want to continue the relationship. When I was a struggling novice author overwhelmed by the task of writing my first book (Women and Men in Management) and my grandmother's impending death, my first acquisitions editor figuratively held my hand for hours over the phone and guided me to the book's completion with incredible warmth and support. Later, when I was assembling my first edited volume, my editor gave me lots of personal advice about how to work successfully with contributing authors to ensure a quality product...I have always enjoyed and appreciated my interactions with SAGE personnel and cannot imagine them having been any better. SAGE is a first-class publisher."

Gary Powell,
University of Connecticut

"I have been an author with SAGE since graduate school when I published my first article in first issue of Communication Research...I've always found working with the editors at SAGE to be encouraging and insightful. They have been perhaps the most important publisher growing the literature in communication research. My field has learned to expect a high quality from SAGE Publications. Finally, let me say it has been a personal pleasure and professional high point working with them."

Ellen Wartella
Dean and Walter Conkrite Regents Chair, College of Communication, University of Texas at Austin

"I frequently work with colleagues and students from a wide variety of disciplines. SAGE is the first publisher that comes to mind when they ask me where they can find the most comprehensive and up-to-date publications in the field of communication. And for those of us in the field, SAGE's leadership is illustrated by each announcement they make of a new book or new journal. One gauges the field's movement as much by what appears on SAGE's list as by going to its many conferences."

Steve Jones
Professor, University of Chicago at Illinois

"SAGE led the field of professional publishers on multicultural topics in the last five or ten years. Only now are some of the other publishers beginning to catch up. The staff at SAGE quickly became personal friends whose interest goes beyond their professional responsibilities. They know what I need and help me network with new authors or publications that are relevant. Meeting with SAGE staff has become one of the most important reasons for going to professional meetings."

Paul B. Pedersen
Professor Emeritus, Department of Counseling and Human Services, School of Education, Syracuse University, and Visiting Professor, Dept of Psychology, University of Hawaii

"SAGE is an author-friendly publisher. Their editors are genuinely interested in their fields within which they publish and they engage authors substantively. I have been impressed and pleased by how well SAGE editors know about current, cutting-edge work in my area of scholarship. In addition, throughout the manuscript development and production process SAGE staff work in partnership with authors. They (correctly) understand that the best business decisions they can make are those that promote high quality scholarly contributions of their authors."

Richard M. Lerner
Bergstrom Chair in Applied Developmental Science, Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Development, Tufts University

"…I was impressed with SAGE's willingness to work with young scholars, to publish manuscripts that embarked on new frontiers, and to develop interdisciplinary linkages. To this day, SAGE has continued to take risks on cutting edge manuscripts and to foster the breadth and richness of the field. SAGE is one of the leading publishers in promoting volumes that synthesize work in the field. Overall, SAGE's dedication to marketing and disseminating of communication scholarship is truly unsurpassed."

Linda Putnam
Professor, Texas A&M University

"Dorothy Singer and I want to express our great appreciation for the high quality of editorial support and interaction which characterized our work with d the SAGE staff in our Handbook of Children and the Media. The civility, sensitivity to contributors, and technical assistance provided was impressive for us in our many years of publishing books. The combination of professional attention and personal concern we experienced from SAGE was truly heartwarming."

Professor Jerome L. Singer
Department of Psychology, Yale University

"SAGE has provided extremely comprehensive and thought provoking manuscripts on both policy and research. I am most impressed by the fact that SAGE does not censor or attempt to influence the author's perspective, but in fact encourage a diverse range of perspectives for their readers. This, coupled with extremely responsive, supportive and highly competent editorial assistance makes SAGE a pleasure for authors to work with. People selecting SAGE books for their courses or for gaining advanced knowledge in the field of family violence, are assured of obtaining quality information from their publications."

Eve S. Buzawa
Professor and Chairperson of the Department of Criminal Justice, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

"I have been privileged for many years to be a series editor for SAGE. I have found SAGE's commitment to publishing books that contribute to creating a better society through the use of social science to be profound. I have also experienced SAGE staff as sharing this commitment. The staff are, without exception, broadly knowledgable and intellectual in the best sense of the word. This commitment has extended to all services such as production and marketing. I attribute much of this to the visionary leadership of the organization."

Charles Garvin
Profesor Emeritus of Social Work, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor