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Acquisitions Editors

Our team of dedicated editors bring years of experience as they look forward to helping you publish innovative and successful titles.

Textbook Editorial Contacts


Lily Norton
(805) 573-1537

Lily (she/her) is an Acquisitions Editor for Business Studies at Sage. Lily has worked in publishing for 12 years in both editorial and sales roles at Pearson and Oxford University Press. She is looking to sign modern and innovative textbooks for Business studies, with a focus on Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Business Ethics, Business and Society, and Business Communication courses.  

Lauren Gobell
(800) 818-7243 Ext 7016

Lauren is the Acquisitions Editor for textbooks in Management and Decision Sciences at Sage Publishing.  She joined Sage in 2015, working as a Sales Representative and Content Development Editor before becoming an Acquisitions Editor in 2022. Lauren is looking to partner with authors to develop modern content for Management and Decision Sciences courses, with a focus on Strategic Management, Project Management, Organizational Behavior, and Diversity Management. 


Charles Lee
(949) 416-9414

Charles is the Acquisitions Editor for Speech, Mass Communication and Media Studies at Sage. He joined Sage in 2015 as a college textbook sales representative and oversaw a variety of territories across the entire United States and Canada, engaging with instructors to learn about course needs in a consultative fashion. As an editor, he is looking forward to cultivating relationships with current and new authors. He is interested in signing captivating core texts across the entire Communication curriculum and discipline, with a keen interest in Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, and Intercultural Communication.


Sarah Koumourdas

Image of Sage Acquisitions Editor Sarah Koumourdas

Starting in 2024, Sarah is the Acquisitions Editor for Criminal Justice and Criminology at Sage. She comes to Sage with thirteen (13) years of experience in academic publishing industry. As an editor, she is passionate about signing inclusive and equitable content that highlights both steady and emerging voices in this industry.  She is eager to build relationships and connect with authors who are interested in creating content that helps to shape the future of Criminology and Criminal Justice. 


Leah Fargotstein

Leah is the senior acquisitions editor for books in Education. She joined Sage in 2007 as a member of the Journals division, responsible for managing and acquiring journals in Research Methods, Political Science, Urban Studies, and Social Work. In 2015, she joined the College team as an acquisitions editor. She is currently looking to sign and develop innovative core texts for introductory courses in Education.


Adeline Grout

image of Sage Sponsoring Editor Adeline Grout

Adeline is the Acquisitions Editor for Social Work and Counseling. She joined Sage in 2016 as an editorial assistant before transitioning to a content development editor role where she worked with authors to create innovative content for Sage’s Vantage learning platform. Adeline is looking to sign and develop core texts for undergraduate and graduate courses in social work and counseling. 


Anna Villarruel

Anna is the Acquisitions Editor at CQ Press. She joined Sage in 2014 as an Editorial Assistant and started working in Political Science in 2015. She oversees the American Government and Politics and is currently looking to sign and develop core texts in American Government, Texas Politics, and State & Local Politics, as well as up the curriculum for political institutions and behavior. She's actively seeking proposals from first generation scholars, scholars from underrepresented backgrounds and identities, non-traditional scholars, as well as scholars at the top of their field. Anna is looking forward to continuing CQ Press’s strong commitment to collaborative relationships with authors, instructors, and students when producing high-quality textbooks.

Christy Sadler

Christy is the acquisitions editor for CQ Press books in the comparative politics, international relations, and public policy and administration disciplines. She joined Sage and CQ Press in 2022 after nearly two decades of editorial and marketing work in public policy, education, and academic publishing. Christy works with authors on high-quality, inclusive books that support both students and instructors, and she is always interested in acquiring core textbooks with new perspectives and hearing from instructors in these courses about their needs and experiences. 


Mary Dudley

Mary Dudley is the Acquisitions Editor for Psychology. She joined Sage in 2023 after 12 years in editorial, sales, and marketing roles at W. W. Norton.  Mary is committed to publishing distinct voices and seeks clear, engaging, and dynamic perspectives that center students and support instructors. She is interested in signing core texts across the psychology curriculum, with particular interest in social psychology, cognitive psychology, psychopathology, I/O, and biological psychology. 

Adeline Grout

image of Sage Sponsoring Editor Adeline Grout

Adeline is the Acquisitions Editor for Developmental Psychology, working closely with Mary Dudley to build Sage’s Psychology list. She started at Sage in 2016 with a focus on content development. Adeline is looking to sign core textbooks in lifespan development, child and adolescent development, adulthood and aging, and cognitive development. Adeline looks forward to creating engaging and inclusive content that for today’s students and instructors.




Helen Salmon

Helen is executive editor for Research Methods, Statistics, and Evaluation and works across all areas of the list. Helen has 30 years of publishing experience and has worked for Sage for more than 20 years, in both the UK and the US. Helen is interested in acquiring innovative new introductory textbook projects in Research Methods, Statistics, Program Evaluation, and Qualitative Methods. She is also responsible for acquiring new titles for SAGE's Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences series (the “little green books”).

Leah Fargotstein

Leah is the senior acquisitions editor for books in Research Methods and Statistics, working with Helen Salmon across all areas of the list. She is honored to continue Sage's strong tradition of high-quality, innovative Research Methods and Statistics publishing. Leah is looking for core texts with a fresh approach to Research Methods, Statistics, Mixed Methods, or Qualitative Methods. 


Erica DeLuca

Erica has been with Sage for 13 years and has 20+ years of editorial, marketing and sales experience in higher education publishing. She is looking to sign fresh, resonant voices in the areas of sociology (Sage’s original college textbook collection), anthropology and family studies, with particular interest in race/ethnicity/gender/class, cultural anthropology, archeology, biological anthropology and human sexuality. Erica is committed to bringing inspiring and inclusive content to the academic communities that she serves.